About us

SOS Archivi is an association that brings together professionals from the archival sector with the aim of promoting the culture of prevention and emergency management.

We believe in networking as the best way to prevent and deal with accidents that could damage archives, libraries and harm our cultural heritage.

SOS Archivi’s objective is to become the main point of reference, for the public and private sectors, to create and institutionalize the operational process of protection of the national and international archival heritage. Through its networking activity, SOS Archivi can also offer immediate intervention in emergency situations with a range of selected and trusted specialists.

The SOS Archivi project was originally established to deal with environmental risks, increased dramatically in recent years, and with the main objective of the maintenance and recovery of the archival heritage.

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Our mission

The mission of SOS Archivi is to support in an innovative way high level projects in the world of cultural heritage, to build and enhance relationships with the most strategic infrastructure agencies of the Country.

In details; identifying important initiatives, building and rolling out the project, providing  organizational and technical support, financing the project (when necessary), monitoring its evolution, always aiming at the most successful completion. 

Organizational chart


Massimo Cruciotti

Email: presidente@sosarchivi.it


Michele Magini

Email: segretario@sosarchivi.it

Board of Directors

Oliviero Bistoletti

Email: o.bistoletti@sosarchivi.it

Dino Peruch

Email: d.peruch@sosarchivi.it

Italo Carli

Email: italopiero.carli@generali.com

Paolo Buongiorno

Email: paolo.buongiorno@bucap.it

Andrea De Rita

Email: andrea.derita@creditosportivo.it

Scientific Technical Committee


Maria Guercio

Professor of Archiving, 

“La Sapienza” University of Rome 



Stefano Bergonzini

Stability Policing Subject Matter Expert, NATO SP SME, NATO

Massimo Carcione

International Projects Advisor, Department of Culture Officer, Piemonte Region

Italo Carli

Head of “Arte Generali”

Massimo Laurenzi

National Advisor, ANAI

Vanni Resta 

President, Manlio Resta Foundation 

Pietro Sapia

Treasurer Advisor, National Association of Professional Biologists 

Romeo Mariano Toccaceli


Georgios Tavlaridis

Chemist-Conservation Scientist

Lorenzo Teodonio

Professor of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry for Cultural Heritage

Alessia Strozzi

Conservator Restorer Officer at MIBAC SABAP Marche and Head of the Education, Research and Cultural Institutes Functional Area

Francesca Peyron

Matser’s Degree in Economics and Management of Arts and Cultural Activities

Martino Dutto


Marco Pasquini


Valentina Sabucco

Cultural Property Protection Lead and Consultant

Gaia Petrella

Restorer of Cultural Heritage

Bruna Blasco

Professional Archivist of Cultural Heritage

Hannes Schramm

Expert for the protection of cultural heritage

Marco Valle

Loss Adjuster senior certified UNI 11628


Mario Micheli

Associate Professor at Università Roma Tre

Sonia Canevarolo

Conservation scientist