5 Days, 5 Archives, 5 Questions

On the occasion of ICA International Archive Week , we wanted to tell 5 Archives through 5 questions that progressively want to make people understand the importance and functions of an archive, linking to the themes launched by ICA for IAW2021.


Giorno 1(st) Day

What is an archive for?

Giorno 2(nd) Day

What does an archive keep?

Giorno 3(rd) Day

Is it possible to safeguard an archive

and guarantee access to information?

Giorno 4(th) Day

Why is it important collaborating and interacting

with other archives?

Do you want to be part of the conversation?


Follow us to discover the archives involved in the project and the questions we asked.

Record your responses, publish them on your social media profiles and use the hashtag #5x5archivi.

We will share the most interesting interventions in our spaces to continue the dialogue!