Our code of ethics

The set of ethical principles and values ​​expressed in the Code must inspire the activity of all those who work on behalf of SOS Archivi, taking into account the importance of roles, the complexity of the functions, and the responsibilities entrusted to them for the pursuit of the purposes of SOS Archivi itself.


This document, called “Code of Ethics” (or even just “Code”), governs the set of rights, duties and responsibilities that SOS Archivi expressly assumes towards all those who have an interest in SOS Archivi and with which is found to interact daily in the performance of its business.

The set of ethical principles and values ​​expressed in the Code must inspire the activity of all those who work on behalf of SOS Archivi, taking into account the importance of roles, the complexity of the functions and the responsibilities entrusted to them for the pursuit of the purposes of SOS Archives itself.

The behaviors prescribed by the code integrate the relevant conduct for the complete and correct fulfillment of the obligations of loyalty and diligence expected from managers and employees, as well as the general obligation of good faith that can be required by collaborators in any capacity and by service providers.

Each partner or external collaborator is required to comply with the rules contained in this Code in the exercise of their functions, also carried out on behalf of SOS Archivi with third parties.

SOS Archivi undertakes to disseminate the Code, to periodically update it, to make available any possible tool that favors its full application, to carry out checks on any news of violation of the rules of the Code, to evaluate the facts and the consequent implementation, in the event of an ascertained violation, of adequate sanctions for the shareholders and for the various interlocutors where applicable.


The mission of SOS Archivi is to support in an innovative way important projects concerning the world of cultural assets and activities, also in its possible interrelations with the strategic infrastructures of the country.

More specifically, supporting projects means identifying important initiatives, helping project completion, intervening in organizational and technical aspects, participating – where appropriate or necessary – in the financing of the project, monitoring its evolution, contributing to a successful conclusion of the initiative.

Investments and financial strategies of SOS Archivi and the consequent operational conduct are oriented to aforementioned aims.

Values of the Association and adoption of the Code of Ethics

SOS Archivi, in fulfilling the mission attributed to it, pursues the achievement of its objectives through an action carried out in compliance with the law and fundamental rights of the person, based on clear and transparent rules and in harmony with the external environment and with the objectives of the community.
In particular:

  • avoids any discrimination in relations with interlocutors based on age, sex, state of health, race, nationality, political views and religious beliefs;
  • undertakes to pursue the ethical principles commonly accepted in the conduct of business: correctness, transparency and loyalty. The principle of fairness implies respect, by everyone, in the performance of their duties, of the rights of each person involved in their work and professional activity. This respect is also to be understood in terms of opportunities, privacy and decorum. It also implies the rejection of any situation that creates arbitrary discrimination against personnel, as well as substantial conflicts of interest between each member and SOS Archivi. The principles of transparency and loyalty imply the commitment of everyone to provide the necessary information in a clear, frequent and complete way, adopting verbal and written communication that is easy and immediate to understand by the person to whom the information is addressed. It also implies the prior verification of the truthfulness and reasonable completeness, as well as the clarity, of the information communicated externally and internally;
  • refuses illegitimate or otherwise incorrect behavior to achieve its statutory objectives;
  •  does not make contributions, benefits or other benefits to political parties and workers’ trade unions, nor to their representatives or candidates, subject to compliance with applicable legislation;
  • does not admit forms of gift that can be interpreted as exceeding normal commercial or courtesy practices or in any case aimed at acquiring favorable treatment in the conduct of any activity connected to SOS Archivi;
  •  in carrying out any activity it undertakes to avoid that the subjects involved are or may appear in conflict of interest.
Human resources

SOS Archivi:

  •  recognizes the centrality of human resources in the search for success factors;
  •  protects and enhances the human resources it uses and respects the rights of workers;
  •  undertakes to train its resources in such a way as to share the principles of the code of ethics and facilitate compliance with the same at all levels;
  •  undertakes to evaluate those who request to become members on the basis of the correspondence of the candidates’ profiles with those expected in compliance with equal opportunities for all interested parties;
  • guarantees the physical and moral integrity of its collaborators, working conditions that respect individual dignity and safe and healthy work environments;
  • collects and processes the personal data, sensitive and non-sensitive, of the shareholders and of the persons and entities with which it has relations or relationships. This treatment, where foreseen, is carried out with the consent of the interested parties and takes place in the manner and within the limits provided for by Legislative Decree 196/2003.

Collaborators and consultants:

  • are required to be aware of the rules contained in the Code and the reference standards governing the activity carried out within their function;
  • have the obligation to refrain from conduct contrary to the principles of the Code of Ethics and the aforementioned rules;
  • they are required to collaborate with the structures in charge of verifying possible violations;
  • they have to personally contribute to the maintenance of the work environment while respecting the sensitivity of others;
  • they must protect and keep in good condition the assets in their custody as well as contribute to the protection of the entire assets of SOS Archivi;
  • they may use the premises, equipment, and systems exclusively for the performance of their activity and/or for purposes expressly authorized by the management of SOS Archivi;
  • they cannot disclose confidential information.

SOS Archivi is aware of the public purpose and the importance of its business, as well as of the influence it can have on the conditions, economic, social development and general well-being of the community, to which it therefore intends to contribute through the provision of efficient services .

SOS Archivi has as an essential principle the respect of laws and regulations in force in all the countries in which it operates. Each member, collaborator and anyone who has relations with SOS Archivi must undertake to comply with the laws in force in each country in which it operates, as well as the provisions contained in this document and in the internal regulations.

This commitment must also apply to consultants, suppliers and anyone who has relations with SOS Archivi. The latter will not initiate or continue any relationship with those who do not intend to align themselves with this principle. The lack of knowledge of the laws does not exempt from any responsibility.

Partners and collaborators must be aware of the laws and consequent behavior.

If doubts exist on how to proceed, SOS Archivi must adequately inform its members and collaborators.

Environment and landscape

SOS Archivi conducts its business, pursues its objectives, uses resources responsibly and directs strategic investment and financial choices in respect of the environment and current legislation on this matter, recognizing the latter a pre-eminent role in every decision relating to business activity.

SOS Archivi promotes respect for the environment by identifying it as a qualifying and rewarding element for each type of project. To this end, SOS Archivi follows with particular attention the evolution of national and European environmental and landscape legislation.

Communication and training

The Code of Ethics is brought to the attention of the shareholders, intermediaries, collaborators with whom SOS Archivi has ongoing relationships and of anyone who comes into contact with it, also through IT methods.

The aforementioned subjects are required to comply with the principles contained in this document.

Members can contact the Board of Directors at any time, also in order to request information and/or clarifications regarding, for example, the interpretation of the Code of Ethics and/or the other components of the Organization, Management and Control Model adopted by SOS Archivi, or the legitimacy of a specific behavior or conduct, as well as their suitability or compliance with the Model and the Code of Ethics.

Information obligations

All members who become aware of news relating to conduct not in line with the provisions of the Organization, Management and Control Model and the Code of Ethics issued by SOS Archivi, are obliged to inform the Board of Directors.

This obligation, moreover, falls within the wider duty of diligence and loyalty of the employee; its fulfillment will not give rise to the application of disciplinary sanctions and confidentiality must be guaranteed to those who report any violations.

The information received by the Board of Directors will be used for the purpose of improving the planning of the control activity and does not require a systematic verification of all the reported facts, the decision to take action being left to the discretion and responsibility of the Board of Directors.

Compliance with the Code of Ethics

Compliance with the Code of Ethics is the duty of each member or collaborator of SOS Archivi. Failure to comply with the Code of Ethics may lead, depending on its severity, to disciplinary action by the competent bodies of SOS Archivi.