Do you need to use our brand?

We need some information so that we can authorize you or your institution to use our brand in institutional areas and on media.

The SOS Archivi brand cannot be used in contexts that violate our statute and/or code of ethics.

To request our logo in high resolution and to have our authorization to use it, please contact us.

The use of the SOS Archivi logo is not permitted in any case without explicit authorization from the Association.

Low resolution PNG

On the left, the new SOS Archivi logo is available in png format to be used on the web and not for printing.

Grid for proportions and safe area

On the left a grid for logo proportion and safe area.

The logo must be free of external elements with a minimum safe area as shown in the figure.


Colour palette

C 4% M 100% Y 76% K 0%

R 220 G 17 B 56


C 68% M 58% Y 55% K 63%

R 56 G 56 B 56