Our promoters

We define as promoters all those realities (bodies, institutions, companies, associations) that intellectually adhere to the mission of SOS Archivi, which help to spread the name and objectives of the Association in their sector networks and with which we share objectives.


Museimpresa is the Italian association of corporate museums and archives, promoted by Assolombarda and Confindustria. Through the conservation and enhancement of documents, iconographic materials, objects, products, and machinery, the associates tell the story of their Companies.

Società Dante Alighieri

The Società Dante Alighieri, founded in 1889 by a group of intellectuals led by Giosuè Carducci and established as a non-profit organization with Royal Decree of 18 July 1893, n. 347, has the aim of «protecting and spreading the Italian language and culture throughout the world, reviving the spiritual ties of fellow countrymen abroad with the mother country and nurturing love and worship for Italian civilization among foreigners».
In order to achieve its aims, “Dante Alighieri” establishes and subsidizes Italian language and culture schools, libraries, clubs and courses in Italian language through foreign committees, disseminates books and publications, promotes conferences, cultural excursions and artistic and musical events, awards prizes and scholarships; through the Committees in Italy, it participates in activities aimed at increasing and expanding the culture of the nation and promotes any event aimed at illustrating the importance of spreading the language, culture and creations of Italian genius and work.

ONB – Ordine Nazionale dei Biologi

The National Order of Biologists was established with Law 396/67: this law outlines the profile of the professional figure of the biologist and specifies their skills.

Maniscalco Center – Research and Documentation Network

 “Fabio Maniscalco” Center for Higher Studies for documentation and training on the international protection of cultural heritage.


ERC – European Research Centre for Book and Paper Conservation-Restoration

The European Research Center for Book and Paper Conservation-Restoration was founded in March 2010. It was created on the initiative of a group of conservators-restorers, archivists, librarians and other professionals from all over Europe. Through the activities of the Center, researchers and students collaborate to safeguard our common cultural heritage on paper.

Conservators without frontiers

Non-profit association based in Austria, which aims to recover the written and graphic heritage, using the most advanced technological methods available to conservators-restorers.