SOS Archivi sponsors 2019 DIG.Eat #thedarksideof…

Press release relating to DIG.Eat 2019:

The search for the “dark side” of digitization and privacy awaits you in Rome on May 30th!

This is the annual anti-digital event organized by ANORC Mercato and ANORC Professioni, which returns with its twelfth edition inspired by the historic Pink Floyd album “The dark side of the moon” (Capitol Records, 1973) to tell, besides rumors and rubber walls, the real condition of digital in Italy and thus try to indicate really practicable ways for PA, professionals and businesses. The intent, therefore, is to tell, through an irreverent eye, the dark side of digital: it will be an opportunity for discussion, analysis and relationship together with the numerous stakeholders and national experts from a variety of multidisciplinary contexts (institutions, companies , university).

The appointment with DIG.Eat 12 is one of a kind and will be in the dark: the only way to illuminate the dark side of digital is … register for the event!

The # Digeat2019 program with its protagonists will remain in the dark and will be unveiled only in Rome, on May 30th, at the Eliseo Theater.

“There is no dark side of the moon really. Matter of fact it’s all dark. ” (Eclipse)