Technical partners

The Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Roma is a cooperative society with prevalent mutuality. It was established in 1954 on the outskirts of the capital as the Rural and Artisan Fund of the Agro Romano on the initiative of 38 cooperative members. From that single original branch, it now has a network of 179 agencies distributed in Lazio, inland Abruzzo and in the Upper Padovana area. It is engaged in social activities in the territories.


Mel Technologies follows companies in providing professional solutions and services for divisions and areas: Information Technology by providing tools and consultancy aimed at limiting IT risks and defining the protection of infrastructures, HR – Human Resources for the development of skills through Training specialist and support on funded training tools, Organization and Compliance for consultancy on governance processes useful for adapting organizations in the path of “compliance” and Innovation (Enterprise 4.0).

The solutions and services offered are based on a “MADE TO MEASURE” approach / model that adapts to the unique specifications of companies like a tailored garment.


TA&TS is able to offer all kinds of specialized support in the workplace safety sector for companies and individuals. TA&TS operates throughout the national territory through highly qualified professionals: engineers, architects, surveyors and industrial experts.