Workshop “Protecting, conserving and defending Cultural Heritage”

The workshop “Protecting, conserving and defending Cultural Heritage”, organized by the non-profit association SOS Archivi, with the support of Museimpresa, was inaugurated on 18 July 2019 at the Assolombarda headquarters in Milan.

The introductory day includes speeches by AXA XL Art & Lifestyle, Edam Srl and Art Defender.

Starting from September, four focus days will take place held by the experts of the host companies: at the 3M headquarters in Pioltello we will talk about the application of the safety and emergency plan; the Hruby Foundation will dedicate the day to the theme of the safety of Cultural Heritage; in the laboratory of Edam Srl participants will be offered some notions of preventive conservation and practical management of emergencies; the workshop will end in Bologna, in the spaces of Art Defender, to talk about the custody and conservation of Cultural Heritage.

The workshop proposes starting a path aimed at improving the participants’ skills in the field of prevention and management of risks and
emergencies in the Cultural Heritage sector, offering insights from the legislative, technical and insurance points of view.

The course is structured in such a way as to involve the different professionals who work closely with cultural heritage, both public and private, in order to acquire the know-how to successfully implement practical operations to safeguard the heritage. One of the objectives of the course lies precisely in the opportunity to establish a network between professionals from different areas of expertise, on the issue of disseminating good practices to be implemented for the safety of cultural heritage.

The course is focused on the assessment, management and reduction of risk, in all its dimensions: on a small and large scale, frequent and infrequent, sudden or continuous over time, caused by natural or man-made disasters, related to the environment , technology, or biological factors.

Asset protection begins with the implementation of economic, legal, technological and security measures that prevent and reduce exposure to damage and vulnerability to disaster, increasing preparedness for response and recovery if assets are affected from damage.

Below, the interviews conducted by La Mia Finanza, with Massimo Cruciotti, Italo Carli and Alessandro Guerrini.