Our Supporting Members

Mazzini Lab is a benefit company that designs and develops sustainable projects for the world of Cultural Heritage. The company wants to create a network to encourage and increase the dissemination of good practices in the field of risk management and safety for art and cultural heritage.


Bucap S.p.a. has been operating since 1982 in the field of physical archiving and optical document management. Over the years, the company has been characterized by structural and technological growth that has allowed us to develop a high degree of specialization in our services provided to public and private customers.

Prodoc represents the Italian excellence in the field of emergency response, emergency management, restoration and rescue of paper and digital archives, libraries (public and private), artistic, book and cultural assets and all the structures that contain them, i.e. buildings, museums, and plants intended for the conservation and protection of assets and documents.

Industry leader in industrial reclamation, post-accident restoration, environmental emergencies. Edam boasts thirty years of experience and uses its own means, equipment and know-how. A particular specialization is directed towards the management of problems affecting the chemical, pharmaceutical, and petrochemical sectors, among which the main national and international groups include many customers.

 Wiff is a communication agency that wants to give its customers targeted solutions to develop and increase their business lines. Its mission is to become a reference point of reference for its customers in order to provide an integrated solution that increases the customer’s business by supporting him in the promotion of his products and his company.

SACMA has been designing and manufacturing metal shelving for warehousing and storage systems in all product sectors for 60 years. The long experience in the sector, the efficiency of the design service and the technical-production know-how allow it to face any problem related to warehouse logistics in a global way. The head office is in Sandigliano (Biella) and occupies an area of ​​24,000 m² of which over 10,000 are covered. SACMA operates throughout Italy with branches in Milan, Padua, Rome and with a network of agencies in other regions. The company is present abroad through correspondents and authorized resellers.

 3M responds to the toughest challenges by generating a chain reaction of amazing new solutions that improve the lives of millions of people. 3M activates progress, contributing to authentic global sustainable development by protecting the environment, with social responsibility and for economic progress. Innovative and technological products for the protection of cultural heritage.

Company operating for over thirty years in the Removals and Transport sector, known and accredited in the national and international field and which counts among its major customers companies, organizations and organizations both in Italy and abroad.

Flag is a company specialized in the IT sector characterized by a very high professional profile.
In addition to providing customized solutions and technical assistance to companies and professionals with different levels of needs, it also produces a line of advanced devices dedicated to security, storage and virtualization.
Flag also has a data center in Milan with disaster recovery in Rome and provides fully managed cloud services.

 The Art Defender network offers high-tech vaults, equipped with sophisticated measures aimed at maximum safety and specific control of air conditioning, operating in Tuscany, Emilia Romagna, Lombardy and Piedmont. There are large collective spaces, cells or safety deposit boxes for exclusive use and an area entirely dedicated to the custody and maintenance of vintage and luxury cars. In the same spaces, it is possible to rent rooms equipped for restoration, private-view and photographic installation, or to request assessment services, diagnostic analyzes and decontamination.

In addition, at the Art Defender plant in Bologna it is possible to use, directly inside the structure, a private customs area for the storage of artworks and objects, under the VAT suspension regime.


Trident Manor is a provider of Security, Risk and Crisis Management services to domestic and international clients, across a wide range of industries and sectors. Our experience and global capabilities enable us to help and individuals create a safer environment by introducing proportionate strategies to successfully manage and mitigate client risks.

Over the years, Trident Manor has become a specialist in providing cultural protection services for museums, galleries and other cultural venues. Our team has been involved in the design, development and implementation of various museum projects, many of which are of international significance. Security checks, audits and consultancy have been carried out in over 60 cultural venues since 2017 and governance support services have been provided to over 200 professionals in the museum and cultural sector. Our cultural protection training programs, of which are certified by UK bodies, have been taught around the world by some professional programs to protect their cultural heritage.

Alongside enthusiasts and collectors, Generali is a partner in cultivating your love for art, and offering new insurance solutions to protect, evaluate and manage your artistic collections.

Tradition and modernity: inspired by almost 200 years of passion for art, ARTE Generali offers a portfolio of insurance products dedicated to collections of works of art, precious objects, homes and luxury goods. Our customized solutions are supported by cutting-edge digital tools and services, to assist and protect the owners of works of art.


Makros srl designs, manufactures and markets filing systems with intrinsic passive protection from Blockfire fire with mechanical and electromechanical handling.

During functional tests, the Blockfire system demonstrated the static integrity of the structures even after 120 minutes, thus representing an Italian excellence in the protection of archives and libraries in the event of a fire.

All Blockfire products are in accordance with the law and approved by the Fire Brigade.